CB13 artist ~ record routing limitations?

I am trying to record a VST ( instance of Maschine ) to an audio track, however all the methods I have come across in vids do not work for me.

Is this a limitation of Artist compared to Pro?

Specifically, create a Group channel as a waystation, and an Audio track. Route the instrument’s consequent channel to the Group instead of to Stereo Out (Master) and make the Audio track’s input that Group. Arm the Audio track to record.

Hi @aref_jaroudy.

Unfortunately this feature is only available in CB Pro, if memory serves me right.

Ok, thank you Prim_69.
I’m not too sure Steinberg make that very clear in their “comparison” list. Seeing it is a pretty basic feature in other DAW’s I have worked with I didn’t specifically look out for it.
I will do the upgrade to Pro.