CB13 Issue - Deactivating VSTi does not trigger Save


Just realised that some changes I make in CB13 does not trigger the save pop-up (“Do you want to save the project…”) if I close the project (by mistake) without saving before quitting/closing project.

This goes for changes in Project Notepad as well which is an old bug from CB10.

How to recreate:

  • Open a project
  • Deactivate a VSTi
  • Add some text to Project Notepad
  • Close Project without saving - no warning of changes made

Anyone can recreate?


Nope, following your steps it prompts to save the Project before closing here. Win 10.

Hi and thanks for reply!

Strange, just did another test in a small project, deactivating VSTi (Kontakt) did not trigger Save, will test some more and maybe trash preferences etc.


Hi again!

Trashing Prefrences seems to work!

Tried running with “Disable Program Preferences” once and that did the trick, deactivating VSTi triggered Save window.

Not for changes in Notepad though, that’s an old bug.