CB5 - Corrupted

After install the update and uninstall it prior to the malfunctioning in the engine updated for the 5 Version build in new not so outstanding characteristic as it presents as sounds and interface, for the update in a retail version; some characteristics of the program insist in stop to functioning, for the retail installed. Why does it happen and why it update is so crisp instead of resonant like it is in the retail version and so glowing visual it was before in this middle noise smooth sharpen view?

If it’s not corrupted what this is then?

May some plug-ins can conflict it at discontinued or trial content, but with a bunch of them, how to categorize what may consist in change something on the source of the retail program setup. And with that as not so taste as program for the update how to make it categorize my personal settings and arguments without loose the main characteristic?

Some kind of VST which may consist in rule what may assist in danify the main program? I can say that as corrupted, because even the update changes the main program as it got uninstalled to the prior retail state.

Sorry, but your English is corrupted :confused: If others can understand you better, maybe they can help.

Correct if wrong - But from what I think you’re saying …you were using a ‘trial’ version of Cubase 5 (and not Cubase VST5) and now that you installed the full retail version, you’re having issues?

You’ve uninstalled the trial version, and then installed the retail? The trial version was working well, the retail version is not?

You’re having a problem with sound? Are you selecting your sound cards own ASIO specific drivers? And what sound card are you using?

Visual glowing? Are you also having a problem with video? Maybe your video card is going bad…?

You are asking if some plug-ins can not work well within Cubase 5? Yes, that is possible, what plug ins are you having problems with?

Others may be of better help if you list the specification of your computer as well. Also what operating system are you using? Are you using 64 bit or 32 bit?

Maybe if you follow a timeline, to see what’s follow up!

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