CB5-how do you make many wav files on the same track

a single wav file? It used to be so easy, like right click and fill void or semething like that? I’ve tried to “export” individual tracks but it seems to print the effects I have on. Short of disabling the effects does anyone have a better idea, and also what is that process even called?

Cheers, Lucius the noob

XP machine, cubase 5 (full)

Are you talking about multiple ‘takes’ on the same audio track/lane? Or are you talking about effects?

If it’s multiple takes you’re referring to - as it seems at least in your thread title - I believe this began with Cubase SX…I can’t recall exactly, but it’s something on the transport bar that allows you to do this, I think on the left side there’s a ‘stack’ ‘mix’ ‘combine’ modes, etc…which as I recall is for midi or audio, to allow you to have the multiple waves on an audio track…or multiple midi bars on a midi track.

If it’s something else you’re talking about, I don’t have a clue.

As far as printing effects, not sure about all versions, but I do know VST 5 gives you the option of printing effects or not when you export in that dialog box. I’m sure that all versions must have this option ‘as you export’.

Thanks for the reply bud i’ll do a screen shot of what I mean when I get home tonight but it looks something like this->

<-there are three wav files are diffent points in time.
-------------- <-now it is all one wav file as the void space has been replaced with silence.

When I export indiviual tracks it prints the effects and eq’ing on it as well (easy enough to bypass but I used to be able to just fill the void and I can’t even remember how I did it). Cheers, Lucius

Events to Part or the Glue tool.

“bounce selection”

Ah, you want to join parts together.

I’ve always used the glue tool to join parts…never did a bounce selection.

The glue tool does not create a single wav file…