CB5 No Midi Signal

Hi everyone. I recently hooked up a friend’s old Casio CTK601 keyboard to see if I could use it as a midi controller and CB doesn’t register the midi signal. He used it for years on his ancient rig running CB3 w/ an MAudio Delta1010 and windows XP. I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 interface w/ a PC running Windows 7. Device Setup recognizes the soundcard, and midi device setup is just registered as a GM Midi device. The focusrite’s green midi light lights up when I hit keys, but I get no signal in the “Midi In Activity” window via the transport bar. Is it possible the keyboard is just too old? Is there something else I should be doing? Thanks in advance.

I doubt your keyboard is too old…midi should be midi, it’s been around for 30 years+

Are you using a standard midi or a USB midi connection?

Is your keyboard transmitting the same midi channel as Cubase is set to receive on?

In Preferences I believe, look in your midi filter to be sure midi channels aren’t muted.

If you’re new to midi, read your PDF’s within Cubase.

Thanks for your quick reply, Sync. The connection is through a standard midi cable connected to the back of the 18i8. The interface recognizes the signal from the controller, but Cubase isn’t getting it for some reason. Because of the age of the controller, I’m not sure how to determine its output channel, but I have selected multiple channels in the CB midi track, including “any” and still no signal. I’ve also double checked to ensure the midi channels aren’t muted. Still no signal. Hmm…

Regular midi is more reliable for me…I’m not sure about your keyboard, but on my Alesis QS keyboard I can see on it’s LCD display which channel I’m sending midi on…(channels 1-16) as I scroll the selected transmitted channel(s) has a circle around it. You may have to download a manual for that keyboard if you don’t have one and make sure what channel(s) you’re transmitting on.

If Cubase midi is set to receive on ‘any’ channel ON THE particular CHANNEL you’re trying to record on, then that’s at least one thing out of the way.

Maybe obvious, but be sure you’re cables are connected properly … OUT from your keyboard, IN to your interface. Check your midi cables.

I myself have misinterpreted the muted channels within the Midi Filter dialog box, and did the opposite of what I should have, so I’d double check that in Cubase. Be sure the output on the Cubase midi track is set to what you desire (a particular VSTi or back out to your keyboard).

Notice on the left column of the Arrange/Project Window, where it says Groove Agent (in black) on this imagine for In/Out…make sure you put what’s needed for YOU appropriately there…

I doubt it, but maybe you should also check if you have any Local or Global midi settings altered on whatever Cubase midi channel you’re trying to work with…