CB5 to CB6 Upgrade first, then sell?

I originally bought a CB4 educational, then got a free upgrade to CB5 as a grace period upgrade since CB5 came out shortly after I bought my CB4.

I am now ready to sell my Cubase since I am no longer using it.
However I do have a few questions:

  1. Does the buyer have to be a student since I originally bought an educational version?
  2. Do I ship the CB4 box with books and everything AND the CB 5 box or just the CB 5 box. It says “grace period upgrade” on the CB 5 box but nothing about “educational”. But it did of course come without the USB key which I had from the CB4).
  3. Would it be advisable to first upgrade to CB6 and then sell? and
  4. Could that CB 6 upgrade be sold to anybody (student or not)
  5. What do I have to do before selling (unregister?)

I want to be able to give a potential buyer clear information / instructions. Would be great if the buyer would not have to be a student and would not have any restrictions, makes the sell much easier.

Thx in advance for any help you can give me.


  1. no.
  2. you can ship both but only 5 and usb key are necessary.
  3. up to you. i dont see a reason to spend money in order to sell. give a fair price that will be worth to the buyer to buy from you and upgrade on his own.
  4. yes. you didnt need to prove that your a student when you upgraded to 5 :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help.

To the answer under 4:
When I upgraded to 5, Steinberg knew that I was a student since I previously bought the CB4 educational. Right?
Does your the answer still apply?


The upgrade is the same box, software, and license for student and non student versions. There is no proof of enrollment needed to purchase the Cubase 6 upgrade, and it’s irrelevant. There are no restrictions on who can buy or use the upgrade.