CB5 VariAudio Pitch and Warp fine tuning glitch?

I recently discovered that fine tuning in VariAudio (holding down shift and hitting cursor up or down) does not tune 1 cent at a time even though it says it is. Here is what I did after I discovered this in project I was working on.

I recorded a C4 on a pitch pipe and moved it to a different track and then I repeated the process again so that I had two tracks with a C4 pitch on them.

I then double-clicked on one of the tracks and used the pitch and warp function. I looked at the analysis and the pitch looked very clean, but was about -15% flat of C4. I shifted the pitch up to C4. I then did the exact same thing to the other track with everything being identical (-15% on recording and clean).

So now I had two C4 pitches dead on according to the pitch and warp data. I then hit play and moved one track tone up 1 cent at a time by holding down shift and hitting cursor up, stopping and restarting from the transport panel as needed. There was no audible change until I hit 6 cents. I then did the same thing going down 1 cent at a time and there was no audible change until I hit -15 cents.

Then I did the same thing on the other track with the exact same result. With one pitch sitting at -14 cents and the other at +5 cents they sounded just as in tune as when sitting dead on the C4 pitch, and very out of tune when one of them was at +6 cents or -15 cents.

The next point of change was at +27 cents and+48 cents; on the way down it was -35 cents and +45 cents on a B. One thing to note, in my example the pitch going to -15 cents was not nearly as out of tune as when a pitch went to +6 cents.

I am wondering if this is funtioning as intended. If so, why show pitch corrections as small as 1 cent if it is beyond Cubase 5’s capabilities. For my recording, 20 cent increments are too large. Has anyone else seen this issue?


i should also mention that I had not upgraded to the latest Cubase 5 version, but I did after my original post. I reopened the file and tuning 1 cent at a time seems to give the exact same results. Has anyone had any experience using Melodyne with Cubase? I hate spending the additional $$$ but that might be my best solution.