CB7 seeing CB6 VSTi ?

I just upgraded from CB6 Elements to CB7 Artist.
In CB6 Elements I had a VSTi plugin running successfully (EWQL Symphonic Choirs).
After installing the CB7 Artist I no longer see the Symphonic Choirs VSTi in CB7.
Do I have to re-install the Symphonic Choirs VSTi all over again for CB7 to see it ?
Or is there some way to let CB7 know where the location of the Symphonic Choirs
VSTi is ?
Thanks for any help. I sure don’t want to have to go through another Symphonic Choirs install !

In C7, go to Devices -> Plug-in Information. There should be a “VST 2.x Plug-in Paths” button. Press that, click “add” and navigate to the folder that contains your VST plug-ins. After you do that, click “Update” in the Plug-in Information window.

If you don’t know where your VST plug-ins are installed, try this if you’re on Windows:

  1. Open the Windows START menu.
  2. In the search box, type regedit and press return, confirm any warnings.
  3. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> EastWest
  4. Click on the folder labeled “Play”.
  5. There should be a string called “VstInstallPath” (and “VstInstallPath_x64” if you’re using a 64-bit OS) which contain the system paths for where your VST plug-ins (or at least just EW’s PLAY) are currently installed.
  6. Now go back into Cubase’s Plug-In Information window and navigate to those locations.

I can now report that EWQL Choirs is now found and playing well with C7.

Many, many thanks Plasuma for taking the time to post a prompt, thorough, accurate and understandable answer to my problem. You have saved me hours I am certain !