CB8 pro didnt install completely

Hi, Just installed cubase 8 pro.
My dvd player doesnt work 100%, so first copied the 2 dvd’s onto a harddrive and ran the setup from there.
Installation didnt work completely it complained about 3 things that didnt install 100%, the main program seems to work though

but halion sonic se2 does eg

first contact is the only program included


Q/ Is there something I can run to verify what works and what doesnt in my installation?

Q/So whats my best plan of attack to fix this?

  1. Just download the parts that didnt install correctly, eg halion sonic se2, groove agent
  2. Download the whole 9.1GB installation file from the internet

Q/ I registered CB8 pro with the eLicenser yesterday, though I was a bit surprised it today when I installed CB8 it didnt ask for the license number (which a lot of software does), I assume when it installed it just checked to see if my dongle was plugged in and its sweet with that so alls fine from here on in, provided the dongle remains plugged in, this aint a question, more of an observation

cheers zed