CB9.5Pro hanging on playback around every 30 seconds

Win10 1703. Whole interface freezes around every 30 seconds on playback of a simple project with no VSTi and just a few VSTs. Mouse is locked. Sound stops. Feels like whole machine is locked up, then it continues.

Same job plays perfect on CB9Pro on same machine.

Anyone else getting this?

Any ideas?


Yeah had a similar experience working on a 9.0 song - I also seemed to have the issue briefly during the first runs on 9.0 coming from 8.5 - seemed to disappear.

I’ll keep an eye on it - not that its hard to miss when everything hangs

Autosave hasn’t set to .5min by any chance?

No, not autosave. Thanks for the idea.

What with it not behaving, I just updated the OS to Win10 Fall Creators Update.

No more pauses now. Working perfect. Might not be related, who knows.

So pretty much perfect now. Let’s hope this continues!