CB9.5Pro Insert slots display badly cropped

Just run into this problem with the Insert slots. Insert names no longer fill the available width of the Insert column. Happens in Mixconsoles and in the Project window mixer too. Resizing columns doesn’t fix it - the broken width also resizes with the column width change.

Only significant thing I changed recently was the Win10/Settings/Display/Custom Scaling which was changed from the default 125% to 100%.

Notice the gap between columns and the cropping of the Insert entity.


Where is the best place to file this as an official bug report?

I had this problem. Download the latest eLicenser and reinstall.

Excellent. Many thanks. That sorted it.

How on earth did you discover that fix?

Beggars belief how the licenser prog is causing that issue.

The version I had installed was very recent, but obviously not recent enough.

Thanks again.

I discovered it accidentally. I bought Absolute 3 and while installing all the instruments from the Collection I’ve been running Cubase after each new installation to check that everything runs smooth and I noticed that this inserts problem then appears, then disappears, so I thought to myself “what a wonderful world” :laughing: , installation of every new instrument starts with installation of eLicenser, so… :wink:

Nice one.

At least I know what to do if it happens again.