CB9: Strange Cursor Behavior on 2nd Screen, w. video

Updated from Cubase 7.5 to 9 a week ago. Since, when I place my cursor in the timeline and pull down to zoom, I cannot adjust horizontally while zooming (video below). It’s maddening to try and narrow in on a particular spot.

BUT… I just realized that the cursor behaves correctly when I’m working on my macbook’s screen. However, if I drag the cubase window up to the larger monitor above my laptop, nope! Move the window back to the macbook, working again!

When I REVERSE the “arrangement” in System Preferences, placing the primary screen on top… the problem is reversed: now it works on the big screen and not the macbook screen. In other words, doesn’t appear to be a resolution problem.


FYI: Longer thread, in which preferences were endlessly trashed and Cubase reinstalled, and in which we slowly narrowed the problem to the above: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=253&t=123767&sid=367ff3120ea3d0a789a3fc2853e93f83
VIDEO of cursor behavior (recorded before realizing the problem had to do w. monitors): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1WovJf … e=youtu.be

I am using 10.12. Is no one else having mouse-related issues in cubase 9? My issue above aside, even simply using my MacBook screen, I experience various bugs and jitters when dragging left and right on the timeline.

I find it hard to believe I’m the only one.