CB9 - update 9.0.10

Hi. Has anyone noticed a marked decrease in performance and increase in sluggishness since updating to 9.0.10. Projects which used to take seconds to load now take upwards of 2/3 minutes. When closing a project I used to be able to open the hub straight away, now I have to wait a couple of minutes until the busy cursor finishes. When either manually saving or autosaving this also takes a couple of minutes. VST’s are taking ages to load. My system is pretty good and works really well with CB 8.5. Have I missed something in the preferences or something else.
Any similar issues with anyone else?


Me… no. I think it is faster. Sorry. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi. Thanks for the reply.


I never had the “Cubase hang when exiting” problem until recently (9.0.10).

Thanks for the reply. Maybe it’s a bug or something they might sort in an update.