[CBT-1265] Glueing track parts together doesn't work

Glueing track parts together is very hit or miss- mostly miss. It hardly works.

Hi ibob,

Thank you for your message.

We’re aware of a MIDI glue issue, where the included MIDI events no longer match to its original parts, which is planned to be address in future maintenance update.

Is this issue similar to yours?

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I cannot get audio parts to glue. Midi parts glue ok for me.

Hi Bill S,

Graphical issue - glueing of audio files was never supported with Cubasis (same for Cubase).
So, it has to be corrected that the “Glue” button becomes unavailable here.


That’s a shame Lars, Glueing Audio files would be a good option, what’s the technical issue, or is it to do with the sound file matching ends to beginnings.


There is a simple ( just a little bit long) way to make merge an audio track.

  1. Place the locators to the beginning and end of the audio events you want to merge.
  2. solo the track on which the audio files are.
  3. Go into settings, then mixdown , on the option “track freeze uses mixdown settings” choose Settings.
  4. Give it a name, choose wav, then tap on mixdown between locators and tap on “start mixdown”.This will create a new audio file.
  5. Go into MediaBay and choose “Mixdown” you will see the new audio file here, just drag and drop into your session .
    Reading is long, but applying this is quite fast.
    It’d be nice to just tap “glue” though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi David,

There is a super quick and easy option available to glue audio files:
Simply tap the freeze button of the track, which contains the events you want to be glued together.

In addition, please have a look at the available setup options “Unfreeze Deletes Audio Track” and “Track Freeze Uses Mixdow Settings” located under Setup/Mixdown / Freeze.


Appreciate you ideas guys, I have used the freeze option, just got to remember to remove your effects and freeze the original sounds, other wise further editing may get messy.


Yeah I agree but it would be better if you adding the mono/ stereo options for the track you want to freeze?

Great suggestion, will try that, thank you.


Hi David,

In this case, I would suggest to move or copy the files to a new track temporarily.
Hope that helps.