[CBT-1279] Cubasis 3 unable to drag and drop midi from media bay onto Audiounit track

Hi there .
I was just messing around with the new version,
I tried dragging a midi file from media bay onto a Audio unit track, Cubasis 3 wouldn’t let me but rather creates a new midi track

Hi John1289,

can’t confirm, works here as expected:

  • create midi track and assign it to an AU instrument
  • drag and drop midi file from e.g. media/Drum Loops folder to AU midi track
    Result: midi file will be placed on the AU midi track.

Please give us an detailed description to reproduce your issue.

best greetings

Hi there thanks for the answer…
Reinstalled the app and it’s the same issue…The built in midi files work, but if you copy folders containing your own midi files into the Cubasis midi folder, you can’t drag and drop onto a track that’s already there.
Please give it a test

Hi John,

Thank you for your report. Works not with your own midi files.

CBT-1279 : Can’t drag & drop own midi files to an midi track, new midi track is created

It’s on our list and we will fixe in the next update.

best regards

Hi there thanks for the update.very much appreciated…
There are a couple of issue ive already told Lars about, don’t know if he’s seen the PM.
In regards to Audio editor playhead not scrolling smooth and Cubasis ignoring the iPads volume control command when Studio Quality is turn on in settings.
Please watch this video for better understanding