[CBT-1288] Cubasis not accepting Midi Out from Audio unit instruments

Hi there, please pardon me if this has already been said.
I can’t seem to be able to record midi into Cubasis 3 using Audio units midi out.
For example if I load in Digistix and try to record midi into Cubasis 3 with Digistix pads, no midi is recorded.
It works in Cubasis 2 and I have the same settings.
I’m I missing something ?

Hoi John1289,

Do you experience this with Digistix only, or other AU apps as well?
Asking this, since it works fine with our Classic Machines pads etc.


Hi there I just made a test with Moog Model D
It send midi into Cubasis 2 but In Cubasis 3

Same bug here.

Cubasis 3 doesn’t record midi from auv3.
Just tried with GeoShred and Roseta.

Cubasis 2 works well here.

Am I missing some settings?

Same here.
This is urgent for basic functionality and really needs a quick fix IMO.

By the way: From my view Jamstix is the by far best and straightforward iOS beat making tool along the lines of Beat Agent in Cubase - as long as Steinberg isn’t offering some “Micro Beat Agent” for Cubasis.

Hi John1289,

We’ve entered the bug into our bugbase.
Issue to be discussed with the team after the season holidays ended.


I have noticed that audio does not come over when freezing tracks on a few more AUV3 instruments as well.
I have noticed when you bounce a mix the audio from a few of the midi instruments do not make it into the mix.
This is also happening with some of the inter-app plug-ins that I utilize.

I experience the same problem. When the AU3 GUI has input displayed such as GeoShred and iFretless Bass entering key presses onto the display does not record notes. In Roli Melody the GUI keyboard displayed in Cubasis 2 has disappeared.

Now have a great Christmas time first of all!
No duties, just Christmas…

And thanks to the whole team for delivering Cubasis 3 before Christmas:
It’s really fun using it (despite some remaining bugs)!

Thanks for your message!
And Same to you, jimknopf!