[CBT-1301] Arturia iSEM doesn't launch on Cubasis 3

Checked in Cubasis 2 and it works ok.

Hi qbassa,

Thank you for your report.

Gave it a short check on the iPad Pro 12.9" (iOS 13.2.3), where things work as expected:

  • Create a MIDI track
  • Assign MIDI track to iSEM AU

Please let me have more details about your environment (iOS device etc.).
Are there additional steps involved to reproduce the problem?


It is on iOS 13.3. I attach the screenshot how it looks likd. I can also attach recorded screen video.

Hi qbassa,

What iOS device do you have in use?
iSEM loads fine on the same device with Cubasis 2 with Pad OS 13.3?


It is iPad 11" (2018). Yes Cubasis 2 loads iSEM fine.


“isem” doesn’t work for me either.
I have an “ipad air 2” and ipadOS 13.2.3 (17B111)

My “isem” doesn’t work either.
I have an ipad air 2 with version 13.2.3.

iPad pro 11"

Hi qbassa,

We’ve added your issue to our bug base.


Today I checked again and sometimes plugin is loading correctly, sometimes it is black window(like described above) and I also noticed third behavior when plugin loads but produces no sound

Hi qbassa,

There must be a precondition in your project why iSEM is not loading properly.
iSEM is my main AU instrument and it loads correctly on iOS 13.3, iPAD Pro 11 + 10.5

best regards

Hi Jan,

I was starting the new project from the scratch. As I’ve written above it is not consistent and I am getting 3 types of behaviour.


Same problem for me with Isem/Cubasis 3.3
No solution ?
Best regards

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Hi @andredahlab,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the forum.
Please get in touch with our friends at Arturia regarding the topic.


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This sucks. Same problem over a year later. Arturia must know and not care by now.

Works as it should here. Air 5, iOS 15.6. Perhaps re-install iSEM?

Hi @jbe1974,

Same here, iSEM AU loads fine with Cubasis.

Maybe close all apps, load the iSEM Stand Alone app and give it another try to load the plug-in with Cubasis afterwards.

Hope that helps!