[CBT-1309] Crash on iPhone 7

I was editing a Micrologue part in the key editor, while the four track project was playing in repeat. Cubasis 3 just disappeared from the screen as I was moving a note. When I restarted the app, it loaded the project with the part missing that I was writing. I can only guess it had not saved it yet.

Project had four MIDI tracks with Microsonic, MiniSampler and 2 x Micrologue. No other plugins were inserted.

Previously on another project, while switching a track’s instrument to Micrologue, the audio engine emitted a noise and the app hung. Had to kill it.

Hi sirWombat,

Thank you for your message.

Is the problem reproducible?

If so, would you be able to provide us with the exact steps (see our bug reporting form below)?
Once the issue is reproducible there is a good chance to have it fixed.

Thank you for your help!


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I just got a crash on the iPad Pro in the same circumstances, Cubasis just disappeared while dragging a note. The clip that I had just copied was missing on the project when opened again, so the crash likely prevented a save.

The track I was editing has Micrologue with an edited preset, originally Pushed Square Arp.
Other tracks in the project are three times Micrologue with different Arp presets, all edited also.

I tried to crash the project again, but no amount of dragging the notes around caused another crash.

I can send you the project file if you tell me where to upload or an email address to send it to.

This iPad has iPadOS 13.2 public beta. The iPhone is on the latest iOS 13.1.3 release version.


Hi Samuli,

Thanks for the additional information.
The issue has been entered to our bugbase.