[CBT-1315] Showstopper bugs in copy/paste and glue

I’ve seen one of these is in the known issues but the suggested fix of checking the channel volume is obviously nonsense. But this video shows my first run experience of trying to use Cubasis 3.


As a first run experience, this is about as bad as it gets. I can’t get anywhere near building a single track, let alone a song. On top of the bugs in this video, every project I’ve managed to import from Cubasis 2 has bits missing, tracks that don’t play, or just doesn’t open at all and hangs on the loading plugins dialogue box.

All software has bugs, and with a new app it’s definitely to be expected. But these bugs stop the user from doing even the most basic things and render the app completely unusable. When the fundamentals of an app are this broken, you don’t release it - these are showstopper bugs. The fact that you’re releasing it and charging £50 for it blows my mind. The fact that there are 5 star reviews for this on the App Store strongly suggests astroturfing as there’s no way any of them have managed to create a song on it.

Hi drcongo,

Thank you for your report, which has been added to our bugbase:

Pasting MIDI parts lead to wrong results

Please note that we’ve listed two similar bugs in our known issues.

To get around the issue, until it has been fixed, please try these steps:

  • Move the pasted events
  • Relaunch Cubasis

We hope being able to quickly address the issue in a manintenance update.
Sorry for any inconvenience.