[CBT-1329] Micrologue arp changing parameter bug

  1. Summary/Title
    When using the micrologue arp and playing notes while changing parameters such as the ADSR of the filter/amplifier, audio crackles then cuts out.

  2. Description
    I’ve found the audio to cut out while changing parameters such as the ADSR of the filter/amp, and the velocity of either. It cuts out more often the more notes you play at the same time. It happens no matter what when playing the notes live. If I change the parameters while its playing notes that are already recorded, it still happens eventually but not right off the bat.

-Create a new micrologue track
-Open any patch, turn the arp on
-Play notes while changing things such as the adsr of the filter.

  1. Expected Results
    I expected to hear the intended effects of changing parameters of what I’m playing

  2. Actual Results
    The audio cuts out completely and I have to re-trigger the notes to hear it again

  3. Environment
    iPad 5th gen, iPadOS 13.3, Cubasis 3.

Here is a video showing the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUmPjmLHrdA

Thank you for your report, JakeMarti.
The issue has been entered to our bugbase.