[CBT-1335] Importing error

I select the track I want a midi loop to appear on. If it is a bundled Cubasis 3 midi file, it appears correctly on the selected track as expected. If it is a third party midi file I have imported, a new track is created automatically and the loop placed there, not on the selected track. If I then try to bring another external loop into the project, another track is created and the loop placed there. And so on.

Also, autoplay preview doesn’t seem to work on third party loops.

I’ve been struggling with this issue too! Very annoying, as it also changes the name of the midi-loop (to the name of the default piano instrument Cubasis adds in the new track)…

Hi all,

Thank you for your messages.
We are aware of the issue, which has been already entered to our bugbase:

CBT-1335 Importing/loading a non-factory MIDI event results in a new track