[CBT-1338] Mixdown takes forever or gets stuck

I’ve got a ‘nearly finished project’. I’ve had to freeze as many tracks as possible so just audio with one or two plugins. 33 tracks. 4.30 long. Mixdown is impossible. Or its getting stuck on group tracks or something. I have given up mixdown after 3 attempts - I think it would take days. I just want stems and they are really hard to create.
Every time I try to record stems to AudioBus the timing goes wrong.
I would like to export a track as a stem - 1 at a time. At least I could open the project in another daw.

Hi ibob,

Thank you for your message.

Are you able to share more information about the 3rd party plug-ins (instruments, effects) used in the project?

It might also be helpful for our engineers to take a look at the project, if you’re willing to share it with us.
If so, please upload the zipped project file via DropBox or similar, and let me have the download link via private message.


Hi Lars,
I don’t mind to share the project. But the problem is, l cannot create a mixdown of it. Ill turn off any remaining plugins and see if that helps. It’s very, very slow @ rendering. I just tried to share it via email, but nothing happens. It shows the file being reduced and then doesn’t open in Hotmail or anything. Bob.

Hi ibob,

Please use the following steps to compress and share the project file:

  • Launch the Apple Files app
  • Tap “On My iPad” and choose “Cubasis 3”
  • Open “Projects” folder
  • Tap “Select” located top right, and tap the project folder to be shared
  • Tap “More” bottom located to the right and choose “Compress”
  • Tap “Select” and choose the compressed ZIP file
  • Tap “Share” located bottom left, and choose AirDrop, Dropbox or similar

Once done, please let me have the download link via private message.

Thanks again,

Hi ibob,

Thank you for providing us with your example project, which has been shared with our engineers to evaluate the topic.