[CBT-1719] problem with mixdown projects with group tracks

Hello! I have a problem with mixdown projects with group tracks. The sound from the effects applied to the group track is not heard in the final audio file after mixdown, although all the effects are perfectly audible in the project. I attached a video with a recording from my project - 2 drum tracks are combined into one group track and the group track has a spin fx effect, it is recorded automation for the stutter effect. This effect is heard in the project, but not in the file after mixdown. I also attach the audio after the mixdown of this group track and a project file.

Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LIS-KspDsXULjNjN8ELB4Ub1A7ZX0xsY

Hi Beeswax,

Thank you for your message and report.
The issue is reproducible and has been added to our bugbase.