[CBT-1978] stepsequencer micrologue doesnt work


it seems that i cant change the stepsequencer of micrologue on presets that doesnt have it activated.
apr works but stepssequence ignores any input :slight_smile:


Having the same problem.

The factory arp presets work ok. But trying to create your own arp sequence from the Init preset doesn’t work properly. It ignores any changes to velocity, pitch or step being turned off. So the displayed settings do not correspond to what’s being played.

As a workaround you can copy and and paste one of the factory presets and possibly reset the sequence. After this it seems to work correctly.

Hi inteks, Hi misohoza,

Thank you for your message.
The issue has been entered to our bugbase and shared with the team.


So it looks like this hasn’t been fixed yet in Cubasis 3.1.2

Hi misohoza,

Please expect the fix to be included in the next Cubasis update.


Hi misohoza,

Thanks again for your previous report above.
Our engineers are no longer able to reproduce the problem.

If you’re interested to test the current Cubasis beta version, to see if the problem still persists, please let me know your full name and address via Email (l.slowak@steinberg.de) to exchange our Non-Disclousure Agreement with you.


I just ran into this in 3.1.3 on iOS 14.2. Is there any chance that this didn’t make the .3 release or that it didn’t make the iOS version? Thanks

Hi b flat,

The next Cubasis update will resolve a Micrologue ARP fix, allowing to create presets from scratch again.
Until the update becomes available, please load a factory preset and use the clear function as a workaround.