[CBT-2005] Project won't rename unless you make name longer

When you try to rename a project the ‘OK’ button is greyed out, see attached image


If you type a lot of spaces, the button eventually appears.

Suggest the character count required needs to be reduced.

Using version 3.1.1 on a Huawei Nova 2 Lite.


  • Files don’t appear in Mixdown folder unless you restart phone.
  • Then they often don’t even appear after that until you look in the project folder, then come out of the project folder and look in the mixdown folder again.
  • Or sometimes they won’t appear until you do another mixdown, then suddenly several files will appear.
  • Sometimes after restarting phone some of the tracks are duplicated and have shifted along the timeline.
  • If you move the mixdown files to Trash and then empty the trash can, the files are still there in the mixdown folder if you look in Windows, but the Trash can is empty.

Hi Matwardmusic,

Thanks for your message.

The issue behaves differently:
It seems that a single space character is required, to make the “OK” button appear,

Issue will be entered to our bugbase.