[CBT-2009] Issue report: IAA apps are very long to load and crash when re-opening a song

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IAA apps are very long to load when re-opening a song and often crash


When opening a saved song where IAA were used, those IAA apps are very long to load, more than 30 seconds (often much more). Very often those apps also crash when opening a saved song using them.

Actual results

If loading in Cubasis IAA app like Gadget, ApeMatrix, ThumbJam or anything else, there is no issue on first load, it’s quick like it should be. But when re-opening the saved song, IAA will make that song opening lasting forever. When finished, the IAA will often crash. Loading the IAA app before Cubasis will make no difference. Those same IAA apps will re-load in saved projects in other hosts like AUM or apeMatrix at normal fast speed. Workaround for now is to use IAA when needed, record the result as audio in Cubasis, then eject IAA in Cubasis input to avoid that long load/crash.
Note that this issue happen also with only one IAA app used in a Cubasis song, no need to use lot of IAA apps.

Expected results

Cubasis songs using IAA apps should load fast with IAA not crashing at the end.


Cubasis 3.1.1, iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 13.5.1.

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Thanks Janosax.
Entered to our bugbase and shared with the team!

Hi Janosax,

Our engineering is unable to reproduce the problem.
When manually quitting all IAA apps after closing the Cubasis project, loading the project next time works as expected.

If you’re able to reproduce the problem, please create a short video and share the project file with us.
Please upload the files via Dropbox or similar, and share the download link via PM.


PM sent with video link. Just checked on my Air 3 and no issues. So this is related to 7 Plus or iPhone.

Edit : same issue on my daughter’s iPhone 7.

Hi Janosax,

Thank you for the addition information, our engineers are able to reproduce the issue!


Hi LSlowak,

Good news, thanks!!!