[CBT-2085] Save, Import, New project ignores current folder location

I’m a little surprised that basic file management still doesnt work in this latest update
You can create folders and subfolders but Cubasis simply ignores the current folder location when saving, importing files and even when you create a new project.

I create a folder. Projects. Then i create a folder with the project name.
Then i navigate to that folder. I create a new project. Where does it go? To the root level😬

Same for importing samples.
I create a sample folder in a specific projct folder. In Audio.
I import a file from audioshare. Where does it go?
My Audio Files. :crazy_face: Seriously.

You are making it impossible to keep stuff iorganized this way.

Is this on the bug list?

Hopefully this will be adressed soon.
Small details like these have a huge impact on workflow.

Thank you!

Hi tpjcube,

Your issue will be shared and discuss with the team.
Please await our reply.


Hi tbjcube,

The issue is planned to be resolved with the next update.

Best wishes,