[CBT-2114] Problem: Micrologue randomly ignores Cutoff-change

  1. Summary/Title
    Micrologue randomly starts to ignore Cutoff-changes during playback

  2. Description
    When playing back a note or more (regardless of how the note was triggered) and playing with the Cutoff-knob, at one point it suddenly gives a very short cracking sound (like when a cable is plugged out of an older audio device) and from then on ignores any more changes to the Cutoff-knob until a new note is pressed. Problem possibly occures with other changes, too, but not tested.

  3. Expected Results
    Cutoff-change never to be ignored while pressing down a note.

  4. Actual Results
    Cutoff-change starts being ignored while pressing down a note

  5. Environment
    Apple iPad Pro 11" 2018, 256 GB WiFi

Hi TomJetland,

Thanks for your report, which has been entered to our bugbase and shared with the team.