[CBT-2129] Plugin List Back Button - Possible Bug

  1. Summary/Title
    Touching anything in a plugin UI or resizing the plugin UI area renders the back button in the plugin list unresponsive.

  2. Description
    I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I’m the only one experiencing this issue, but I couldn’t find any other posts about this. If I touch any UI components or resize the plugin view area in Cubasis 3, the back button on the plugin list becomes unresponsive until I swipe up to show all running apps or somehow leave the Cubasis 3 app window and then return to it. Once I return, the back button becomes responsive again.

  3. Expected Results
    The back button in the plugin list should always go back one level.

  4. Actual Results
    The back button is not responsive again until swiping up to show all running apps and then returning to Cubasis 3.

  5. Environment
    iPad Pro 2018 12.9" 1TB running iPadOS 14.2
    Cubasis 3.1.3

Hi omniphonix,

Thanks for your message and report, which has been shared with our engineering.
Hopefully we’re able to resolve the problem in the next update.

For now, please avoid touching the area above the back button when resizing the plug-in.
E.g. it works fine to touch the area next to the List/Browse button to the right, without brining up the issue.