[CBT-2281] Split Tool Amplifies Signal

If the sequencer is in play, and you hit the split tool at the same time the audio shoots up to distorted levels. Anyone else getting this? Just hit play, highlight an audio track, press the split tool.

iPhone 8 latest iOS - been doing this since the beginning though… And it’s so obvious I just waited for a fix instead of complaining about it since I wasn’t really using it as much… but multiple updates into it and it’s still there.

There were some other issues but I’ll get back here when I run into them again .

Hi Septimo,

Thank you for your message and report.

I gave the topic a short check on the iPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen and iPhone X, with these steps:

  • Start playback
  • Select an audio track
  • Tap “Split” button during playback

Doing this things work as expected on both devices.
If possible, please let me have further details how to reproduce the problem.

In addition, please feel free to upload a project/video, and share the Dropbox link with us via PM.


Hi Septimo,

Thank you for providing us with further information via private message.
Shared the report and files with our engineering.