CC 11 and 1 automatic entry

Hello. I am using Dorico Pro with Bbcso core. In just entering simple quarter notes as a test, I notice that each note seems to have its own cc values for 1 and 11. I am not making these cc entries. I only want a flat line so that I can change the automation manually later. Is this normal? Also when I try to manually edit the existing nodes, they revert to the original values when I edit at another point in the piece.

Thanks for any info.

This is a normal behavior as Dorico automatically Humanize the midi in dynamic, starting point and duration. You can edit the % of humanization in the Play preference. regarding CC1 and CC11, this is how the default expression map has been configured : dynamic is sent to both CC. You edit this behavior in creating your own expression map. everything is perfectly explained in the Dorico videos and I strongly invite you to watch them : Dorico is a fantastic and versatile software and needs, in particular for the Play mode, some learnings. All the best to you. Franck

Look at the Playing Options (Command/CTRL Shift P), which have settings for ‘human’ variation in dynamics and stress for beats of the bar.

Thank you all. I will check out the videos. It was never a problem with Noteperformer or the Halion sounds but it really seemed to effect the bbcso. Thanks for the great heads-up.