CC 11 (Expression)

Whats Good?

I’ve been having issues with the sounds from my VST’s suddenly lowering to almost nothing out of no where! At first i thought it was only Nexus (being thats all ive been using lately)… so after many weeks of contacting reFX and them finally doing a Desktop Remote Session (Yeah, they actually had to take control of my macbook pro) they found out that cubase is recording CC 11 (Expression) to all my midi tracks and is causing the volume to be ridiculously low! it will even cut the volume while im just auditioning sounds…plays regular for a min or 2 then BOOM.

my question is how can i make it to where i dont record or play ANY expression notes? I have played around with the settings and even popped open the manual and im still completely confused. reFX said it could be coming from my MIDI controller (AKAI MPK49) but im hoping i wont have to replace the whole unit to fix this… someone, anyone help if possible!


In the Preferences > MIDI Filter, you can filter any incoming MIDI data. In the Controller panel, choose CC 11 (Expression), and click to Add button. Your Cubase will ignore incoming CC11.

You can find more in the Operation Manual, page 105.