CC 121 basic functions stil missing! For when a real update?

Why are the basic functions of the pre-section in Cubase not implemented by default in CC 121?

Here’s an example of how it should be implemented on the buttons “Function”

1 - Hi Pass - (Value Knob to vary the frequency and on / off)
2 - Low Pass - (Value Knob to vary the frequency and on / off)
3 - Gain Trim - (Value Knob to vary the gains)
4 - Phase - A FUNCTION EXTREMELY IMPORTANT !!! Direct access to it “is a must have”

In this way we would have all the basic functions of a channel directly in our hands without having to look at the monitor and move a mouse.

The CC 121 is a tool with enormous potential but I still think that with a little more effort in the software development the CC would leave the competition miles away …

“Sends on Fader” is another function I do not understand how it was not yet implemented …

Keep Rocking Amigos!!!

Sends are already implemented. Not with the fader, but with the EQ value knobs. Therefore you have to press the buttons EQ type and bypass together. Now you can control the first four sends with the four bottom EQ Controllers. Press bypass again and you can control the second four sends. Also the activation buttons work to switch the sends on and off.
In this mode, the top four controllers of the EQ section, control the Quickcontrols.

Dear Svengali,

thats how I work!

But if you have “sends on fader” you have the advantage of directly visualize the value of the send in the fader and is much better to perform automation.