CC 121 Function and something for the Rockers

:smiley: Dedicated CC121 function buttons and AI/jog selector buttons in mixer GUI. Would make the CC121 so much more accessible and much more powerful.
Also maybe something more for the Rockers out here. Squashed is great for ELECTRONIC, HIP HOP, and I really appreciate the frequency eq upgrade. But I’ve always dreamed of a full amp, cab, pedal and mic spread in the main GUI lower zone. With the ability to see and control the whole chain using Icon visuals similar to line 6 layout.
Remember Steinberg, you yourself said this is the DAW best for creating. Guitar creation is important and deserves a bigger stage in Cubase. :wink:

It’s a great idea :+1:

there is a BUT coming …

But, I think that the CC121 is a ‘dead’ product as far as Steinberg is concerned. I wonder if your feature request would be relevant to the the ‘not yet released’ upgrade to the whole remote feature.

…also if you are enjoying Helix Native then give Amplitude 5 CS a try. That version is free but it does sound pretty good…

In my opinion if the CC121 is a dead product then Steinberg has some real customer issues coming up. It costs $400 in the states. It performs better than any other device that I have used. it’s perfect for the home recording musician who doesn’t need extra nonsense to clean. In my opinion it would be a complete waste to discontinue a product with no flaws. I suppose if Steinberg is going down this path a lot of customers would switch their DAW if they had to spend for another $400 device with the label Steinberg on it.