CC Automation line in editor, can't be bent to arc

I have never encountered this strange problem before.
When I try to draw a sine wave in modulation (in editor)
everything looks ok when I keep the mouse clicked. When you release the mouse, the image of the drawn curve changes to a straight line.
Also when I try to use the middle dot to deform a straight line into a smooth arc, I can only get a sharp angle.
I tried to search but to no avail.
Attached 3 picutres with the problematic curves.

I wonder- could it be due to snap/quantize setting?

I tried. With and without. 1/128 or 1. It just make the sin curve smaller or bigger, but when I release the mouse - the same.

Can you post a shot of the entire Cubase window?


Er… where’s automation data?

Have you done it with snap turned off entirely?

btw, you can save a step – images can be dragged right onto your reply.

I tried with ant without snap.

Those curves supposed to be arks…

Looks like you have Curve Type set to Step instead of Ramp.

Tried both…

Sorry, don’t know what to tell you. I tested it on my system just to be sure before replying to you.

Maybe check how it works in Safe Mode?