Cc automation missing ramps/curves

hey im trying to manually draw cc automation in key editor. Is there a way to make so drawing cc automation behaves similarly like track volume/pan automation behaves? What i mean is lets say for example i create an automation point on track volume and drag up or down it creates ramps.
If i try to edit automation of a midi file and draw a point and pull up its not a ramp but like a square/sudden jump up of automation rather than smooth like im trying to create. The only way i find is with line or parabola but that is much harder to control/edit than how track modulation works. Is there a way to make editing midi cc automation function the same?
or perhaps is this feature missing in my cubase and is in newer cubase?
im on cubase 9.5 pro

Use the parabola tool. Hold down the ALT key to reverse the direction of the curve. It’s not the same as the automation curve functions but it’s maybe more like what you’re looking for than the draw tool.

yes i know of the parabola and line tool , but still finding it much more difficult to edit and fine tune automation vs how track automation editing works. So theres no way to make midi cc editing behavior similar even in latest cubase version?

Why not just create an automation lane for whatever CC you want to automate? Why do you have to use the midi key editor?

def doesnt need be in key editor, im still learning apparently, that solves my issue
Thanks so much! :slight_smile: