CC Automation missing

Hi! I’ve started using a trial version of Dorico to see if I’ll purchase it and I’ve noticed that MIDI Automation CCs is completely missing. I am unable to edit CC data, and when I export Midi files the CC data is missing as well (even if it’s from a imported MIDI file that came with CC data). Is this correct? When will Dorico have CC automation editing and be able to import and export Midi CC automation?

The CC lanes are not implemented yet. But they will be in one of the future versions.

Please watch this video. At about 3:50min you can see drawn CCs on the screen.
But please note: CCs have to interact properly with the given dynamics is quite a task. And the team is known for a clean and proper coding. So they try not to rush into things too fast to avoid serious issues later on.

That video was nearly a year and a half ago and we still haven’t seen the feature. That either says they are going a different direction or there’s a lot more crap involved to getting it to work right with notation… or both. It’s surely coming as everyone wants it desperately. It’s just a matter of the Dorico development team waving their magic wand to code it first.

All in favor of magic wand waving happening sooner than later, say aye!

AYE! :wink: