CC Automation not usable

HI, I am not the only user who has this fundamental problem and this must be solved. It is not possible to draw MIDI CC Automation. The amount of cross points increase the more often you draw over it, but the value is not changing .

Have you tried disabling the grid (locked to 1/8 in the screenshot just right of the red curved line)?
Not the perfect solution I know but it could be a temporary solution until we get more refined Midi CC and Automation editing…

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Hi, yes I have tried everything. You can’t draw over or redraw the line like in the parameter automation. It just adds more crosspoints, but doesn’t change the value. I don’t mind, if a software has some minor bugs, but this is a no go. Using Cubasis is becoming so frustrating.

Gotcha and yes I agree that some areas of Cubasis are pretty frustrating with Midi CC editing being one of them.

The Draw/Pen tool could use a ‘add/remove points mode’ where a double tap would add or remove a points with a line between points. Swiping up/down on the line between points could adjust the curve.

We’ll have to wait and see what the Cubasis team will cook up for the next update…


Another thread on this - can we get the team to acknowledge this is a bug to fix?

Original thread: Bug in MIDI CC curve editing? - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums