CC Automation Problem

I’m furious right now.

Until today the situation was:
cc automation using the parabel tool (for example) gave me smooth automation lines, while the grid was on
cc automation using a controler gives smooth lines

And now:
cc automation is quantised to 16h notes, no matter what quantising is set to, when the grid is on
cc auomation is not quantised when the grid is off
cc automation is not quantised with the grid on, EXCEPT at places where i had previously drawn automation with the grid off, even if all automation data was deleted.
cc automation using a controler still gives smooth lines

This is driving me nuts, i just cant figure out how to set it up the way is used to be.


What happened in-between these two states, please?

Hey Martin,

unfortunately i don’t know what could have caused it.
I just was like this when i opened cubase in the morning, the day before everything was ok.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode?