CC Automation Request: Ramp/Jump/Exponential

Hi Cubase

I’ve been a loyal user for many years, and the only thing that (still) makes me look at other DAWs is the inability to create a straight line between 2 points in the automation box in the Edit Window. Other DAWs have this as standard. It is a real workflow issue for me, as I’m sure it is for many others.

Can you please implement a “ramp” between 2 points (similar to in the Tempo Window), as well as an “exponential curve” between 2 points, to go alongside the “jump” that already exists?

I know that straight line CC automation can be achieved through the drop-down automation lanes for MIDI tracks in the Arrange Window, but this takes up a huge amount of vertical space and is impractical for projects larger than 16 tracks or so.

With very best regards, and hoping that there is a swift and simple solution.

Maybe I get this wrong - but in an automation lane I just shift click and get a new node, and drag that up and down - and whatever is on the left will be a ramp to.

And creating a ramp in any spot I create two nodes and drag one of them.

It’s called ‘vector automation’ and people have been asking this for ages.
Like in FL Studio it’s everywhere and very convenient.

I think someday there will be a holiday on the Steinberg’s street too.
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They have a lot of work to do with the new video engine and some stability/performance issue to improve for some users. But i really like to see it soon, let’s hope :slight_smile: