CC behavior glitch with Kontakt

when i control the dynamics with the modulation wheel in Kontact it drwas as expected a curve like below. corresponding the dynamics in the Kontakt instrument move according to the CC curve.

when i edit the curve as shown below the controller movement in Kontakt does not follow the curve and does not fade. it stops moving at the last CC point and then jumps to the value of the next CC point without following the created curve.


Make sure, the MIDI Channel of the track is not set to the All option, please.

yes, that’s the culprit. how come that ANY mode does not transmit CC even when the data has the right midi channel assigned?


If you use the curves of the MIDI CCs, this doesn’t work with the MIDI Channel: All. You are informed about this (if the MIDI Channel is set to All), once you switch the CCs setup from the steps to the curves by the yellow message.

so basically i have to instantiate another Kontakt and use the dedicated track instead of a multi-channel setup in one Kontakt instance.


You can use multi-timbral Kontakt. Add MIDI Track and route it to Kontakt Instrument Track, MIDI Channel 2, please.

thanks. that worked