Hello Cubase Gurus,
As you know today Sample Library instruments are getting more and more complicated regarding Articulation switching, CC extra control etc. Some Instruments require multiple Control Change definition lanes etc.
I have several CC definitions (numbers) which control the Sample Modeling “Trumpet” in my scenario. All CC definitions are recorded (merged) into a single MIDI region which length is say 20 bars.

Here are my questions:
1.Can I automate the bypass of say CC#22 from bar 10 to bar 15? Bear in mind that there are several other CC# numbers in that region so I want to bypass only CC#22 for a while!
2.Can I create multiple versions of a given CC definition say CC#22 as Alternatives (while there are other CC#s such as CC1, CC11, CC20 etc in that region) and bypass/toggle the CC#22 Alternatives to see which is best?


You need to check out using midi plugins, specifically the built-on Midi plugin called Transformer. This can do virtually anything to midi, but it does involve a certain amount of programming. I’d recommend you view the documentation for Midi plugins and the Transformer. Also there are many free midi plugins available which change CC numbers into others, and these should be a lot easier for you to use than the Transformer - personally I’d just download one of these…

  1. To mute the operation of a CC# you could use a plugin which blocks the CC#. Then you could automate either the plugin blocking or you could automate the plugin itself on/off.

  2. Again, here you can insert multiple plugins to convert the CC#s, then switch them on and off to try different ones

It’s probably going to be a bit messy!

Another way to do it would be just to use the List Editor and select the ones you want to change then type in a new number to the info line to change them all simultaneously… Do this during a loop and you can hear the difference each time. Could be a lot less fuss?


Hi Mike,
Thanks for the reply! The Transformer On/Off button automation should work however I can filter one CC# at a time (per Transformer plugin instance). There a 4 MIDI Insert slots which limits to 4 CC# definition filtering when I have more per region?

My second question about the CC# alternatives is still suspending… I do not want to transform a CC# to another CC#. I just want to keep a given CC# and record more alternatives of that CC# so I can bypass them on the fly to be able to reference them.


I think a better way of dealing with ‘bypassing’ etc. is to keep the CCs in separate midi parts on different lanes… Then you can mute them individually, and chop them up and mute sections easily too. Also then you can use additional midi tracks to give yourself more than 4 midi plugins. And Shared parts might help as well if you’re duplicating parts because you only need to edit one part and the others change.

So, to get your 2nd question sorted, perhaps you simply record the new CCs into separate parts then mute the various parts to check the differences?


Hello Mike,
Your suggestions are my current workflow, so I wanted to know if there are some other optimized alternatives in Cubase.
I use the shared parts heavily - this feature is very useful.
Thanks a lot for your time!

I don’t know of anything other than that, perhaps articulations features help but I’ve not used them.

I suppose another thing that may help is to make some macros if you haven’t already. E.g. you could make macros to transform between the midi CCs, then you could assign shotcut keys. Hopefully you could create a one-key-press solution then??


I suppose another thing that may help is to make some macros if you haven’t already. E.g. you could make macros to transform between the midi CCs, then you could assign shotcut keys.

I’m familiar with the Macro batch processing but I do not see any way how to combine my requirements (described in my previous posts) into commands which can be organized into a Macro.
Could you post any Macro demo prototype which matches my requirements?


Well, I can’t really determine your exact requirements, too many variables, but you can assign shortcut keys to Transformer presets and you can combine Transformer presets into Macros etc. So as a simple example,

a) Create a transformer preset to convert any CC to CC#19
b) Assign this to a shortcut key of your choice
c) Select the midi part with only e.g. CC#20 in it
d) Press the key
e) Continue to define other presets and shortcut keys… or use Ctrl-Z to undo

That’s a good start I’d say, then a few more key presses might get you some other options, and Macros might give you further control over muting parts or tracks, as you like.


Thanks for your kind support, I’ll get rid of that!