CC Chasing in 9.5.10

80% of the time I move playback to a different bar, CC’s aren’t chased.

1 - I’m using Notion & Cubase in rewire.
2 - Notion’s CC outs are disabled (I’ve also confirmed no CC data comes into Cubase via the midi monitor)
3 - I simply add MIDI tracks, add automation lanes for various CC’s, draw in curves, and continue composing.
4 - When I move playback, the CC1/CC7 dynamics aren’t updated. I’m usually moving playback in Notion, but sometimes in Cubase as well and have seen problems both ways.

Unless this is a weird sort of new ‘feature’, or I’m missing something, I’d call that pretty buggy. :wink:



Why I suspect this is a bug…

“CC Chasing”, from what I understand, means that Cubase should RESEND the previous data point relative to the new playhead position… so that Cubase will always be musically contextual and accrate, no?

Note: all my chasing options are ‘on’ in preferences.

Edit: the second (lower) dot on the lower lane in the picture is actually JUST before the barline. It’s just not super clear in the pic.

Write an actual repro and someone can check it out.


The steps to recreate:

  1. Open Cubase > go to preferences > MIDI > check all “Chase Events” checkboxes, except SysEx (Cubase’s default settings)
  2. Open another rewire-enabled program (I’m using Notion)
  3. Create a staff in Notion > assign it to Rewire Bus 1, channel 1

In Cubase:
4. Create a MIDI track in Cubase > assign MIDI IN as Notion 1, channel 1
5. Assign the MIDI OUT to a VST instrument (I’m using Vienna Ensemble Pro to host instruments in Kontakt & Vi-Pro)
6. On the MIDI track, click “Show Automation” > Add CC1 and CC7
7. On [bar 1, beat 2] add a data point (value 127) to both CC automation lanes.
8. On [bar 3, beat 4] add two data points, (values 127, then 20) to drop both values suddenly before bar 4 (fortissimo to pianissimo)
9. On [bar 8, beat 1] add two data points, (values 20, then 127) to both CC automation lanes, to return to fortissimo.

In Notion:
10. Add notes to all bars.
11. Start playback from bar 1 > let it continue to bar 9 > Stop playback
12. Move the playhead directly to bar 4 > Press Play

Result: The CC values are still set to 127 (what it was by bar 9)
Expectation: The CC values should have been “Chased” by Cubase to 20, so the playback would still be contextually accurate.
Note: The only difference between these instructions and what I’ve done is that I have 60 MIDI tracks & staves, usually around 15 of them with notes playing. So it may be necessary to test this on a larger scale to recreate the issue. It also may be necessary to move the playhead from Notion, if this is a rewire-specific issue with how Cubase chases CC data, however unusual that might seem.

This also brought up a note of feedback. Cubase doesn’t label rewire MIDI ports, so assigning them (ESPECIALLY if you you use more than the first couple, as I do) is a bit of a pain. Not the end of the world, but if labeled it would be nice.

Hope that helps,

You’re a programmer, if I remember correctly. Test it yourself using a midi monitor, and figure out whats going on, or open a support ticket, and let someone get paid to figure out what’s going on, if anything. That Rube Goldberg setup of yours is liable to explode at any time.


I merely followed the instructions in the thread titled “How to report a “BUG” in Cubase”, then your call for steps to reproduce it. That said, I realize now that this forum is simply the wrong place to start (for Cubase anyway). While I do code, I should point out the fact that I absolutely hate coding. I only ever do if it’s to save me time cause existing tools aren’t doing the job (or doing it right). But I’ll gladly hand this off to whoever is actually responsible for this software working reliably. That way I can compose and the better coders can code, right?

I do have to say I laughed at the rube explosion bit. If only you knew. It already has several times. I’m just determined to pick up the pieces to make sure I get what I want. I’ve only wanted notation with solid mock-up playback for the last 20 years. I really do apologize about my impatience on here though. It’s even more frustrating to get 95% the way there… then have things break. But believe me, as crass as I can get, I like people… even moderators. It’s MIDI that’s my real enemy.