CC control with vst

Hi, newbie question. if possible I’d like a clarification on how to use CC automation properly. I was able to apply the controls correctly and I see the knobs turning … but the movement they make is quite limited and consequently the sound don’t change much. Specifically, I set CC11 for expression and CC2 to control a function of the vst(Dark Era Tagelharpa) called bow noise volume. I’d like to add more excursion to CC2 at the attack of each note. i read somewhere that there is a function called midi learning can this be the best solution? Or is it better to do everything manually using the automation window by drawing it curved? Thank you for the support.

I can’t think of a particularly smart way to ensure that you get an increase of CC2 at the attack of every note, I’m afraid. It sounds like you need the controller to increase and then return to the same level soon after the attack. For the time being I think you will need to manually add this controller data directly in the automation lane in Play mode.

Thanx! As I imagined the solution is to set everything manually :neutral_face:, at least for that particular type of vst (Tagelharpa by Dark Era). The effect that I’d like to reproduce through CC2 is that of the bow hitting the string, I’ll try to listen more carefully to see if it also produces an acceptable effect automatically. In case you have to do it manually, is it possible to duplicate the curve set in automation lane? To be clear, is it possible to copy and paste?

You can copy and paste automation data, yes, though it’s a bit fiddly: the data will be pasted at the position of the playhead, which takes a bit of getting used to.

Assuming that Dark Era doesn’t have the built in mod matrix to do it, have you looked at a tool like MidiShaper from Cableguys? $29, or free demo that should let you to trigger additional CC changes on the attack and release as you please. I don’t know if anyone has used it within Dorico - it doesn’t have the same routing capabilities as a DAW after-all. Definitely you could do it externally as a MIDI instrument send. Just thought, keep or sweep.

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