CC Controller issues

I have CH, QC and AI - CH and AI no problems encountered.

The QC however is a bit of a pain. None of the eight ‘dedicated’ EQ rotary controls light up when in EQ mode - which kind of defeats the object really as adjusting the EQ is by mouse only. They light up in the other modes and presumably I can map them to midi parameters (I will have a go later when I get back from work) but for me EQ was the main reason for buying the unit. Just wondered if anyone else is having similar issues -the whole thing does look good though !

im sorry to say i hope this is a 1 of …because if steinberg have fucked up updating to even include their own fully funtional hardware then it’s a disgrace ,hopeful i’ll be able to test it later ,i hope you are wrong about this ,no insult intended ricwar

The CMC and CC series have issues.
For example the EQ controls on my CC121 do not work.
I can turn each of the 4 bands off and on and change the type of EQ but I have to use the mouse to adjust any parameters.

There is also similar issues with the CMC range.

These will be fixed in a January/February Tool update I believe.

no insult taken

was going to buy a couple fo FD fader units this week as well :frowning:

do these work anyone?

Unfortunately, the EQ on the CMC-QC fails here as well. Wow. Not sure what to say. Did no one at SB test Cubase 7 with their own controllers?


Steinberg has a relatively small software development team and I believe they work on a product rotation basis.

They could have waited until they’ve updated the software for all their hardware, but then everyone would’ve had to wait for C7, even people that don’t use their hardware. I think they made a good choice.

These issues will be taken care of, which was stated before the release of C7, so people could’ve waited.

Anyone looked at their midi filters? In Options.

they is nothing in the midi filter to control the cmc series the only control you have on them is a device setup which only allows you to dim the blinking lights , it’s a software update for the cmc series thats needed but a part from the eq’s not working everything else is working as it should !

This is really taking us for idiots…Steinberg should really take more care of basic stuff like that…This is really a shame.