cc controller messages via iPad not in sync

I am new to cubase and am trying to use my touch osc set up for spitfire strings which I used on logic . It all works as expected i.e. the articulations change when I hit the iPad but cubase records the controller messages (cc32)at bar -13000 or similar . If I change the output of the iPad to a midi note it records in the right place. Help much appreciated.

ps also is there an expression map for spitfire chamber strings and or brass etc


I read almost the same report with TouchOSC today on the forum (this thread). It seems to be time-stemp issue.

Of, it’s a duplicate of your post, actually.

SOLVED ! you need to connect a network session in Mac OS Audio midi setup


So you are using iAC MIDI Port instead of the TouchOSC, at the end?

not sure but it works except the expression midi channels are not recorded ?

Do you mean MIDI CC11 (Expression)?

Make sure, this controller is not filtered out in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, please.

no I mean expression maps midi channels ( as in our other discussion ) Maybe there is a midi filter for midi channels and expression maps too ?

Any news on this? I am having the identical problem now with another app called “metagrid”…