CC curve on the staff

I want to print CC curves on the staff (see pic attached) . Application is e.g. Musicians shall move back an forth on the stage (choreograpy) and the curve represents the position. Any CC number shall be available.The cc I want to read from the MIDI import (thus automatic). So it is not just a “draw under the pianoroll screen”. And I dont want to invent new symbols.
Any workaround or new features planned for Dorico?
Thanks alot

There is no way to do this at the moment. If at all it would be way off in the future. As you’ve asked, I won’t suggest the new line tool… :wink:

Welcome to the forum, D102. You certainly cannot do this at the moment in Dorico, and it’s not something we’re likely to be working on in the near future, but in more general terms expanding the graphical capabilities of the software for this kind of continuous notation is certainly in our plans.

Dear Daniel,
just about the same day I saw Karl-Heinz Essls posting in FB of the engraving book with his score on the cover. An that score has curve on the staff!! So there is am market for this feature…see attachment

Yes, but his score is hand-written; so enabling this in typeset/computer software may take some patience.