CC data in Key Editor is not written in automation lanes

New project, new track

Write some CC in the Key Editor
Goto project, open up automation lanes, goto

More/MIDI channel/All CC, select your CC - no data found.

See Continuous Controllers and MIDI Automation

Thank you for your reply Steve. I have been away from Cubase for five years. I discovered one of my own answers from the time when I had more neurons, which answers this. But can I ask, Where the hell is the " MIDI Controller Automation Setup" panel. It’s not indicated in the manual.

Apparently there are TWO forms of CC controller information

1] Track CC data - accessed in the automtion lanes (More/ MIDI/All MIDI CC)

2] Part CC data accessed via the key editor

Its VERY confusing. Personally I see no need for track CC data.

The two types of data can conflict with each other. Under normal settings you will not see the track CC in the key editor - only the part CC but you can change this. in the " MIDI Controller Automation Setup" panel, but the track CC only shows up as a line in the key editor - not as editable events. You can merge the two but only if you are a fully certified insane Cubase Alchemist.

Here is my 2016 post:

Hi I have just spent all day trying to nail this issue once and for all, with the help of my long time CUbase friend and expert Victor. Here is a post I made to which he replied:

Basically, you need to control cc values through automation lanes like you need a hole in the head. It can be done, but the whole process is obscure and difficult. Automation lanes DO show the same CC datas as are found in the Key Editor BUT if you write in the Automation lane this does not show up at all in the Key editor, UNLESS the read button for the track is enabled and EVEN then it does not show up as you would normally expect, but as a fient line.
Even more confusing it is possible to write cc automation AND Key Editor CC information and they will conflict. If you do this AND you have the write button enabled, you will see BOTH in the key editor - one as ‘traditional’ data curve and the other as a grey line. Confused? you will be…

Whether your data is written to an automation lane or to a key editor is controlled by the “MIDI Controller Automation Set up panel”. Here you can adjust it for either, or customise for each individual cc seperately (you would need to be a sadist to add more complications).

It is also possible to convert one type to another. You can use the MIDI Menu>Functions>Extract MIDI Automation, to convert CC# data in a MIDI Part into an automation lane, but, for the converse, you have to use “Merge MIDI in Loop” - which ONLY merges the MIDI in the loop. I have found anomalies with this.

As you can see this is about as easy as memorizing War and Peace verbatim.


There is a work around if your goal is to see MIDI CC in the Project view.

If you enable the button “edit in place” in the track control settings, then open this, you will see a mini key editor in the project window. When this opens you may or may not see the controller lanes. The way you get control over what lanes are shown here (in the project window) is to head to the very bottom of the vertical piano keyboard tool in this pane and right click. This will bring up the familiar “create controller lane” tools. Now you can view what you want. Lastly, if you want to enlarge the view of a controller lane, you have to head for the gap between the piano roll and the lane, if you mouse fiddle you can click and drag to resize. This cannot be done in the main part of the window.

So, in short, I think it is very wise to forget automating CCs, and if you want to see CCs in the project menu use the above method instead.