CC dynamics crush

Somehow, everytime I move the dynamics fader on my controller while recording (w/o recording CC automation), cubase seems to bring the dynamics/CC way down when playing it back, or just when I pull my finger(s) from my virtual faders.
Is there any way to tell cubase to remember the last dynamics position? To not bring it down as I pull my finger of the faders?

Or a controller that can fix this issue like a SSL or Avid controller with automatic faders ?



Try to switch the Touch automation mode to the Latch mode, please.

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Thanks Martin.
BTW, I am using Hackintosh (pc computer on iOS system) and using only Cubase.
I really want to switch to Mac Studio m1 or m2,
Dose cubase 11 or 12, know how to behave with the new silicon mac’s?
I mean the machine is useful if the program knows how to separate its self by the Core of the machine.
Do you know if Cubase is powerful tool for the new Mac?


Cubase 11 runs under Rosetta. Cubase 12 is fully mac’s silicon compatible and runs natively. I’m using Cubase 12 on MacBook Pro with M1.

It definitely is.