CC group controller?

Can this be achieved somehow?
I like to control my orchestral sections Mic Mixes.
I use f.e.SPITFIRE libraries which features 3 Mic positions I can control using custom CCs
Now I want to change multiple instrument lanes at once using a kind of group-CC-fader
Any tips?

You should be able to do that with midi plugins.
Like add a certain amount offset to all, or substract etc.

About Cubase stuff, Transformer is rather cool for a range of things.
It’s a realtime plugin version of Logical Editor.

I use bluecataudio Patchwork - and insert a range of vst midi plugins(not cubase stuff) - and make ensembles that are easy to control.

A range of vst midi plugins that are free Insert Piz Here - on

So I do all types of ensembles this way, and ready with a preset inside an instance of Patchwork. The instruments themselves as well.